United Methodist Women

United Methodist Women is part of the Women’s Ministry of MDUMC.  UMW is a supportive fellowship of women working and serving to create a world in which all women and children will thrive.  Our mission is to empower women, care for children and the neglected, educate and equip youth, advocate for social justice issues, create economic opportunities and strengthen our neighborhoods.  We raise money to support women’s and children’s ministries.

MDUMW will soon donate over $60,000 in Grants to various women’s and children’s ministries.  This money comes from profits earned at our Hearts & Hands Holiday Market in October, from our member’s pledges and our Generations Cookbook.

MDUMW has 5 small groups or Circles that meet weekly or monthly.  They are Common Thread, MDUMC Moms, Mission Stitchers, The Music Circle, and The Reading Circle.  All the Circles meet together once a month for the UMW Program Meetings.  Our Program Meetings are on the first Tuesday of the month.  We start at 9:30 AM with a brunch.

UMW Program Meetings

Tuesday, October 1 | 9:30 AM
Hearts & Hands Prep/Special Mission Recognition Service | Brunch

Tuesday, December 3 | 9:30 AM
Christmas Program | Installation of Officers | Brunch



UMW Circles

Common Thread Circle
Mondays | 2-4 PM | Room D100

The Common Thread Circle is a circle of women who share the common goals of mission work, stitchery and fellowship. We provide handmade items to patients in Houston area hospitals.  Find more information on our website.

MDUMC Moms Circle
Tuesdays (September-May) | 9:15-10:30 AM | Room C200

MDUMC Moms is a circle for moms of children of any age, but specifically those with children infants to 6thgrade.  We are about connecting moms, helping each other through life, and growing closer to God. We meet every Tuesday during the school year except for the first Tuesday of each month when we attend the UMW Program Meetings.  Nursery is available from 9-11 AM by reservation. Please contact Stacy Stepler with any questions and you can REGISTER HERE.

Mission Stitchers
Thursdays (February-October) | 10 AM-2 PM | Adult Ministries Center (West Campus)

Mission Stitchers is a circle of women who work on handcrafted projects that will be sold every October at the UMW fundraiser, Hearts & Hands Holiday Market.  All profits go to women’s and children’s ministries. For more information you can visit our Facebook page or email P'L Disinger.

Ann Ables Music Circle
Third Tuesdays (September-May) | 9:30 AM | Room D204

The Ann Ables Music Circle is a fellowship of women who enjoy music, music education and activities.  Contact Lynn Wooley with any questions.

Reading Circle
Third Tuesday (September-May) | 10 AM | Room D202

The Reading Circle is a fellowship of women that read and discuss a book or have a book review each month.  Contact Judy McFarland with any questions.

For more information on any of our circles, contact Judy Brewer.