Kids Sunday School at MDUMC

We want your child to feel at home at MDUMC. We have Sunday School options on both campuses for all ages on Sunday mornings so that your child can learn about God's love on their level. Our main goal if to facilitate your child's growth and knowledge of God through activities and lessons that keep them engaged and having fun.

*We want all children for feel included, if your child needs extra attention or has a unique need, contact our children’s department so that we can try to meet that need in Sunday School.

On both campuses we offer Sunday school for 2 year olds-5th graders at 9:30 AM. Our Sunday school classes offer a wide variety of activities. We utilize Cokesbury’s Deep Blue curriculum for our weekly lessons. Each of our classes learn the same base lesson but, in an age appropriate manner. This allows for families to leave church and discuss what they learned and how they learned it.

Anyone is welcome to attend Sunday school without prior registration. Come see us at our check in stations to register or sign in. Our repeat guests will use the last 4 digits of their phone number to sign their child(ren) in. This will print them a name-tag for them to proceed to their respective class.

We encourage families to utilize the materials that the children bring home. We provide resources that can be great conversation pieces to continue in the child’s faith formation.

We rely on volunteers to lead each class in their lesson. We provide the lesson and all materials that go along with it, but we need 2 adults per class each week. Please email Allyson George if you are interested in helping teach Sunday School for us.

West Campus (The Journey)

Contact Lauren Bedevian with questions

2-Pre-K/4 yr olds - Room C
Kinder-5th Grade - Room F

2 year olds- Room C
3 year olds- Room D
Pre-K/4 year olds - Room E
Kindergartners - Room F
1st-2nd graders- Room B
3rd, 4th and 5th graders- Art Room

2-Pre-K/4 year olds - Room C
Kindergarteners-5th graders - Room E

Main Campus

Contact Allyson George with questions

2 yr olds – Room C102 (across from the nursery)
3 & 4 year olds- Room C100
Kindergarteners/First Grade- Room C101
2nd and 3rdgraders- Room C206
4th and 5th graders- Room C202
6th Grade (Confirmation) - C200



MDUMC Nursery

Main Campus  |  Nursery - 8 AM - 12:15 PM
West Campus  |  8 AM - 12:15 PM

Our church nursery is staffed with trained, caring workers, and it is available for worship services, meetings, and events.Our nursery is also open at various times throughout the week. Please remember to bring a labeled diaper bag with the items your child will need while they are in our care! To check on nursery availability, call 713-468-8356 ext. 136

Let's Keep Our Children Healthy!

Please use these common-sense guidelines when deciding whether to bring your child to the church nursery:

1. A child must be free of fever, vomiting, and diarrhea for 24 hours before entering the church nursery. (Please use your judgment on the cause of vomiting. If your child vomits routinely when upset, then the 24 hour rule would not apply to a crying-induced vomiting spell.)

2. Unless your doctor has just recently diagnosed your child as not contagious, do not send children to the nursery with congestion, runny noses, etc. If your child suffers from allergies (including food) or non-contagious conditions, please let the nursery workers know in advance.

3. Please make sure skin rashes are diagnosed as non-contagious before bringing your child to the nursery.

4. Please remember that anytime children gather together germs can easily spread. We wash hands and toys often in the nursery. We suggest, though, that you wash your child's hands and wipe down toys when picking your child up from the nursery. A little extra care can help keep us all healthy.