The Messenger

MDUMC's newsletter is published monthly and offers information on programs going on at MDUMC.

Take a look at this month's Messenger to make sure you don't miss out on anything. More information on all upcoming events is available on individual ministry pages.



Learning Guide

Disciples of Jesus continually study, read scripture, and explore their faith together. Check out all the places MDUMC will provide for you to learn this fall!


Living Guide

Disciples of Jesus share common life together in prayer, community, and regular gathering and bring others to live alongside them. Take a look at some upcoming opportunities to find community this fall.


Giving Guide

Disciples of Jesus give of their time, energy, and resources to the local church to enable the sharing of the gospel. Find a way to give through our fall Giving Guide.


Serving Guide

Disciples of Jesus demonstrate god’s love through acts of service in our neighborhoods and all over the world. Check out all opportunities to serve - both locally and globally.