Older Adult Ministry

Older Adults at MDUMC live in community by participating in events and activities throughout the week. 

Please contact Sheri Kelley with any questions about our Older Adult Ministry.  

Older Adult Ministries for Boomers & Seniors

The Older Adult Ministries area is composed of both Boomers (born 1946-1964) and Seniors (born 1945 and earlier).  Some of the activities are specific for one or the other age group, but many can be enjoyed by both.  It’s not necessary to be a member of MDUMC to participate.  Neither is it required to be a member of a Sunday school class to attend!  All are welcome!

Events include studies, day and weekend trips, fine arts outings, sporting events, and much, much more.  Transportation is provided in the cost of the event.

Body, Mind, & Spirit

On any given Thursday, you’ll find something happening on the Main Campus for older adults in the program we call Body, Mind, & Spirit.  Join us for lunch at noon.  We go through the kitchen lunch line and dine in Room D100.  Main course, side, and dessert is $5.  Add a salad for $2.  At 12:30, we share a devotional before the afternoon activities begin.  Activities begin at 1 PM and include:

Missions & Outreach

“Opportunities to be the Church” are listed in The Billboard, the newsletter for Boomers and Seniors.  There are many ways to serve the church and our community.  We want to share our gifts and talents and, at the same time, create a living legacy of Christ’s work through us.

More Information

For a more complete listing of what’s happening in the Older Adult Ministry area, check out the newsletter, The Billboard.  You can also contact the director of this ministry, Sheri Kelley, at 713-468-8356, ext. 119.  We hope that you’ll invite your community friends and neighbors to also be a part of the exciting ministry!  Tell someone about Memorial Drive United Methodist!