Wonderfully Made

January 24 and 25, 2020
Registration Opens | November 1, 2019

Wonderfully Made is a Christian Based Human Sexuality Education workshop for fifth and sixth grade boys and girls led by MDUMC Children's Director, Allyson George.  Wonderfully Made addresses many of the questions that older elementary girls and boys have about their physical development and growing awareness of sexuality. Its biblical foundation affirms sexuality as a gift of the God in whose image we have been created – a gift we are to express responsibly. Wonderfully Made affirms the family as the source, for most children, of love and guidance. It acknowledges parents as children’s primary sex educators and strives to support parents as they talk with their children and serve as important role models. This resource addresses issues such as social stereotypes, peer pressure, the influence of the media, and the consequences of irresponsible sexual behavior. It also speaks to some of the issues that young people will face within the next several years and to the importance of learning to make sound decisions.

For more information, contact Allyson George.